About Us

About Us

The Hoppy Adams Foundation (HAF) was established in honor of the late Charles W. Adams Jr. a legendary radio host and larger than life personality. His vision was to ensure that a positive atmosphere is created where individuals experience a sense of belonging, positive self-esteem, and inspiring them to see the impact they can have in their community with our support.

Goals and Objectives

The C.W. “Hoppy” Adams Jr. foundation will implement and establish programs that:

  • Cultivate Educational, Social, and Faith-Based Enrichment Programs
  • Promote and Provide Mentoring and Counseling Services to Youth and Adults
  • Promote and Facilitate Sports and Recreational Activities for Youth and Adults
  • Provide Life and Job Skills Development For Youth and Adults

Board Members

  • Charles W. Adams III, Chairman/CEO
  • Gordenia U. Henson, Executive Director
  • Wanda Stansbury, Treasurer, Attorney
  • Monique C. Fisher, Co-Vice Chair
  • Ciara C. Anguay, Co-Vice Chair
  • Dr. Richard T. Newkirk, Sr. Advisor
  • Chuck A. Mason – Sr. Advisor
  • Bob Garrett – Sr. Advisor
  • James K. Savoy Jr. – Sr. Advisor
  • Eric D. (Ricky) Crowdy – Sr. Advisor